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    Essentially, both sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim work by inhibiting the production of folic acid in bacteria although they, work in different stages of folic acid production, Folic acid is important for making proteins and, DNA. Because humans obtain folic acid from the, diet (and bacteria cannot) human cells are less affected by Bactrim. Combining sulfamethoxazole Order Generic Bactrim trimethoprim increases the effectiveness and decreases the chance of antibiotic resistance (when bacteria develop the ability to resist antibiotics).

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    It is also approved, for Pneumocystis carinii Order Generic Bactrim prevention in TEENren at least two months old, Bactrim should never, be used in TEENren under two months old.

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    Trimethoprim does not belong to a specific class of medications. These, two antibiotics work in different but similar ways. Essentially both sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim work by inhibiting the production of folic, acid in bacteria although they work in different stages of folic acid production. Folic acid, is important for making proteins and Order Generic Bactrim.


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    Human studies are generally lacking although some, data suggests that the risk for birth defects is probably low Order Generic Bactrim.


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    Bactrim is approved for treating the infections listed above only when they are caused by certain, types of bacteria. Not Order Generic Bactrim bacteria will respond, to Bactrim. Even among the types of bacteria, that do respond to Bactrim some strains may have become resistant and may have different resistance, patterns in different regions in the country. This means that some bacteria may be susceptible to Bactrim in Order Generic Bactrim parts of the country but not in others.

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