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    However if Bactrim appears to Buy Generic Bactrim necessary to treat an infection, the benefits may outweigh the potential risks.


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    Of possibly greater concern Bactrim might increase the risk of jaundice and, theoretically kernicterus (brain damage caused by severe jaundice) in the newborn especially if a pregnant woman takes Buy Generic Bactrim, late in pregnancy Buy Generic Bactrim.

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    Human, studies are generally lacking although some data suggests that the risk for, birth Buy Generic Bactrim is probably low. It is thought that Bactrim Buy Generic Bactrim contribute to birth defects by decreasing folic, acid; if it is necessary for, a pregnant woman to take Bactrim, a folic acid supplement (at Buy Generic Bactrim higher than normal dose for a pregnant woman) might be helpful.

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    Also medicines that have not been studied, in any pregnant women or animals are automatically given a pregnancy Category C rating. In animal studies Bactrim increased the risk Buy Generic Bactrim cleft, palate. Also trimethoprim (one of the components of Bactrim) increased the risk, of fetal death in rats. Human studies are generally lacking although some, data suggests that the risk for birth defects is probably low.

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